FiveAces, Inc. is a Canadian social innovation lab developing new products to dramatically improve how businesses and consumers connect with each other. To steal a phrase from Biz Stone's Jelly, we are on a mission to build software that is more "we" focused than "me" focused. We believe there is huge opportunity for truly 'open' platforms that deliver material social benefits while improving economic participation among members. As of summer 2013, we are pursuing our broad objective through two parallel offerings focused on Human Resources (ElasticForce) and Advertising (Candid I/O).

Authentically Social Software – What's Brewing? 

Removing barriers to business

Our Philosophy

What if we can do better than current employment models where the majority are employed as FTEs (Full-Time Employees) serving a single organization at a time? What if there was a system that allowed good ideas to permeate more quickly throughout the economy?

ElasticForce Network is a new protocol that empowers anyone, regardless of employment status, to collaborate across a broader spectrum, allowing expertise to flow freely to where it's needed most.

We believe the efficient allocation of human capital is an important social innovation with far reaching benefits to society. 


 WorkMarket meets

Current Edition

ElasticForce is a marketplace that makes it easier for businesses to enlist the help of their network. It's not limited to freelancers - it's focused on local relationships (backed by real-world reputation and trust) at all levels, from executives all the way down to tactical resources.

We are re-thinking how we engage outside help by embracing micro engagements, rapid online bookings, peer-to-peer (social) recruitment and referrals.

In an era of collaborative consumption and the sharing economy, we believe human capital can and should be more widely deployed beyond traditional organizational boundaries.

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The best ads come from you!

For Photographers:

Candid enables real-time exchanges between candid photographers and brands. We work for Candid photographers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to ensure their inspiring moments reach the right audience.

For Businesses: 

Candid is a Visual Commerce platform that tells your brand's story through the eyes of your biggest fans. Authentic photos & videos are streamed directly to your website to create a fresh and inspiring shopping experience that increases conversions.


TripeLift meets Statigram

Current Edition

We offer an embedded Widget and a hosted Gallery product that can be setup in seconds on any platform through a self-service channel accessible with an entry point of $30/month.